The best place to park your vehicle is in Pole Position...

Each year we will select a car marque and vehicle category for special recognition. These vehicles will be placed in Pole Position on the Festival site.

2019 Pole Sitters are...

(drumroll please)

Austin Motors and

British Supercars

So, if you would like to be in Pole Position at the Festival and you own an Austin Motors* vehicle made anytime between 1900 and 1970 or a classic or brand spanking new British Supercar, please send brief details (age, model, mileage, any special modification, history etc.) and a photograph of the vehicle to




Your inclusion in the Pole Position will be free of charge and you will also receive a numbered Rally Plaque which will correspond with your entry in the festival programme.


*If you have a BMC Austin badged vehicle, post 1970, that you consider is of special merit/interest, we will be happy to consider it.